Dawn To Dusk Bear Hug Bottle Mount

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Mount A Cage Anywhere.
Whether you need an extra bottle, or somewhere to store your repair – the Bear Hug Mount is there to carry it. The ‘Grizzly Grip’ design allows the Bear Hug to flex and bend, accommodating most tube shapes on the market and doesn’t damage your beloved bike in the process.

Gone are the days where anywhere mounts look like add-ons. The sleek, low-profile design Bear Hug mount focuses on functionality and convenience, and appears seamlessly against your frame just like the bike was designed to have a cage there all along.

The Bear Hug ‘s unique mount design featuring the Grizzly Grip technology flexes and bends to conform to where you want a cage. One size truly does fit most tubes!

Ultrasonic welded straps not only keep the Bear Hug mount put, but also have a special frictionally resistant surface to grab a hold of the frame and not let go! So when you go and grab that bottle from its cage – it is right where you put it.

  • Allows you to mount a water bottle wherever needed even with no bosses
  • Convienently mounts using velcro
  • Includes 2 strap sets (4 straps) for different sized needs and embedded stainless steel lock nuts
  • No bears were hurt in the making of this product


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