Salsa The Bikepacker's Guide Book

Salsa The Bikepacker's Guide Book

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The Bikepacker’s guide. Published by Salsa Cycles, is the first and only guide of its type on the market. No matter your experience or interest in bikepacking, this is a must have for every cyclists library. Heck. Skip the library. Slip it under your pillow instead to ensure thorough comprehension of its contents and to increase the likelihood of adventurous dreams. Authored by some of the most seasoned bikepackers and pioneers to the sport, Kurt Refsnider and Kaitlyn Boyle, it is sure to be full of sound and useful information. Along with the essential how-to’s, you will also enjoy inspirational stories and varying perspectives from contributing authors such as Cass Gilbert, Eszter Horanyi, and Casey Greene.

  • 88 color pages
  • Table of Contents Includes: Route planning, Food and water planning, Gear/Bike selection and setup.
  • Stories from seasoned bikepackers for inspiration and perspective

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