Buzzy's Slick Honey Grease Tube 60ml

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Slick Honey sets the standard when it comes to lubricating O-rings and other parts. Why? Slick Honey reduces the static drag and breakaway force that enables a reduction in operating pressures. Slick Honey has a premium additive packages that has properties to reduce friction. An inherent feature of the additives is the ability to adhere and impregnate to the surface pores of the object that needs lubrication. Slick Honey is safe to use on O rings, seals and plastic parts. Slick Honey is calcium based, which is considered to be water proof.

  • Outstanding “Anti-stiction” and low temperature performance
  • Very water insoluble and washout resistant
  • Fully additive treated: antirust, extreme pressure/antiwear, and antioxidant
  • Light colored and low staining
  • Tube contains 60 ml

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