KMC X12 Chain 12-Speed, 126 Links, Silver

KMC X12 Chain 12-Speed, 126 Links, Silver

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The KMC 12-speed chain is suitable for all rear derailleurs and cassettes and convinces with a perfect shift performance. The new Dynamic Chamfer Angles design (chamfered outer links) ensures a perfect gear change when shifting up. 

The tried-and-tested Double X Inner Bridge Shape design has been retained, as has the Double X Durability technique (a process whereby all parts of the chain are specially hardened).

  • intended use : Road & Off road 
  • Version: X12 silver 
  • Finish: nickel plated 
  • Compatibility: SRAM 12-speed , Shimano 12-speed 
  • Pin length: 5.3 mm 
  • Special feature: X-bridge - highest switching performance 
  • Extra Stretch Proof: extremely durable 
  • 126 links 
  • MissingLink: Every X12 chain comes with one set of MissingLink.
  • Weight: approx. 268g

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