ODI Troy Lee Designs Lock-on MTB Grips

ODI Troy Lee Designs Lock-on MTB Grips


Rp450,000.00 / pair(s)
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These aren’t just another grip with a logo on it . . . these have been specially designed with the following design features:

  • Grooved channels to prevent mud and water build up

  • Custom offset angled flanges provide more useable grip surfaces

  • Unique undercut pads provide slim comfortable feel with maximum grip
  • Over-molded flap gives added protection on outside clamp

They also have Laser-Etched lock jaw clamps with the famous Troy Lee Designs logo and come in four unique color combinations:

  • White with Red clamps

  • Black with Grey clamps

  • Yellow with Grey clamps

  • Red with Black clamps
  • Fluo Orange with Black clamps

Selection: ODI Troy Lee Designs Lock-on MTB Grips

Product no. Color Status Price
Grips TLD Black Black
Rp450,000.00 / pair(s)
Grips TLD Yellow Yellow
Rp450,000.00 / pair(s)
Grips TLD Orange Orange
Rp450,000.00 / pair(s)

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