Tacx Shimano 9/10 Stainless Derailleur Pulleys

Tacx Shimano 9/10 Stainless Derailleur Pulleys

Product no.: Pulley Wheels SS Shimano

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Rp240,000.00 / pair(s)

The Tacx jockey wheels are manufactured from a resin composite that is very resistant to wear and equipped with quality precision bearings. Thanks to the closed bearings they will not get stuck, show play or squeak. Tacx jockey wheels are available with 11 teeth and for Shimano 9/10-Speed. For extreme circumstances, such as mountain biking or cyclo-cross, we have jockey wheels equipped with stainless steel bearings.

When used on a regular basis jockey wheels will start to show wear and work less efficiently. Cyclists who spend a lot of time on the bike are recommended to replace the wheels once a year. With new wheels the bicycle chain runs smoother and quieter and you will be able to shift gear more precisely. Tacx has over 30 years of experience in making the best jockey wheels.

  • Fits Shimano
  • Chain Compatibility: 9/10-Speed
  • Stainless Steel Bearing
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