Brake Force One BFO Rotor

Brake Force One BFO Rotor

from Rp450,000.00

The Brake Force One BFO Rotor is machined out of hardened steel and designed to eliminate annoying noise like the turkey-mating call that plagues other rotor designs. After all, the last thing you want during a high-speed ride is a big Tom chasing you down.

The BFO's unique shape clears the pads and rotor of mud, moisture, and dust to ensure consistent stopping power. Also adding to the reliable lever feel is the optimized ventilation and heat dissipation to keep the rotors cool.

The Brake Force One BFO Rotors come in three sizes. For XC use, BFO suggests a 180 front and 160 rear rotor, and for the gravity set, a 203 front and 180 rear is going to offer the best balance of weight and power.

  • Weight: 119 grams (160), 149 grams (180) and 191 grams (203)
  • Steel Rotor Bolts included
  • Rotor Size: 160, 180 and 203mm

Selection: Brake Force One BFO Rotor

Product no. Rotor Size Status Price
Rotor BFO 160 160mm
Rotor BFO 180 180mm
Rotor BFO 203 203mm

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