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If you've been scouring the globe for the perfect saddle addition to your tricked out, color-coordinated fixie machine, or if you just want a little vintage flair on your road bike, Brooks saddles has your number. They're re-releasing the ever-popular Colt Vintage saddle. These sweet leather Brooks saddles are known for their strength and durability, and they've got that retro look you need to polish off your cockpit.

First produced in 1979, the Colt became famous among Brooks fans for its strength and durability.  The Colt was discontinued amidst mysterious circumstances a few years ago, but still remains a common sight on roads and avenues around the globe, a testament to its aforementioned qualities. Oddly many a Colt found its home atop BMX bicycles during this time, an unusual deployment for a Brooks saddle, but certainly not inappropriate.

Today the Colt appeals to a new generation already romanced by the 80's retro look, and has been re-introduced in colours that appeal to this younger, style-conscious demographic.  The vibrant colours are achieved through natural vegetable dyes, as are all leathers in the Brooks product line.

  • Length: 273 mm
  • Width: 156 mm
  • Height: 70 mm
  • Weight: 530 g
  • Frame: Steel - Does NOT have bag loops
  • Leather cover with black enamel steel chassis
  • Hand-made in England


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Saddle Colt Black Black
Saddle Colt Mustard Mustard
Saddle Colt Pink Pink
Saddle Colt Violet Violet

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