Gemini Replacement Lithium Ion Smart Charger


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Replacement Lithium Smart Charger for the Gemini Batteries.

The Lithium Ion Smart Charger charges your 2-cell / 4-cell / 6-cell battery pack quickly so you can spend more time outside, having fun. A Red LED indicator shows your battery is still charging and a Green LED indicates your battery is full. Safe and reliable. Care-free charging. Built into the circuitry are overcharge and overheating protection, allowing you to have safe, worry-free charging. Leave it charging overnight and get ready to go in the morning.

Battery Type: 2-cell / 4-cell / 6-cell Battery Pack

  • Input 100-240V AC (International voltage)
  • Output 8.4V DC 1.8A
Use the Lithium Ion Cell Charger to provide juice to your XERA Flashlight's battery. Pick up a replacement charger for your Panasonic 3100mAh lithium ion cell or any other 18650 type cell.

Battery Type 1 x Lithium Ion 18650 Rechargeable Battery Cell

  • Input 100-240V AC (International voltage)
  • Output 4.2V DC 650mA 











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