Prestacycle Preset Torqkey Torque Tool

Prestacycle Preset Torqkey Torque Tool


Prestacycle introduces our new tools designed to make tightening fittings to exact torque specifications quick, easy, intuitive and more affordable than ever!

Simply Accurate - Reliable and Affordable

Our torque tools use intelligent design for accuracy without the need for expensive calibration. An industrial-grade internal spring manufactured within extremely tight tolerances pre-determines torque setting. The tool does not need to be set into calibration and cannot shift out of calibration.

Easy to use

Ergonomic handle fits your palm with a four-finger grip to make wrenching easier. Tool provides an unmistakable 20 degree overrun when the torque limit is reached. Users can be confident knowing they have the correct tension. Low profile allows the tool to fit into more places for use, overall 60% lower height than tools costing twice as much.

Use it like a tool

Prestacycle's TorqKey is fast and easy-to-use as an everyday tool. Color-coded tension markings on both sides make it a quick-grab on your workbench. 50% thicker walls in the bit shaft make our tools stronger and more reliable than others. They provide Torque relief in the right (clockwise) screw tightening direction, and hold firm in the left (counterclockwise) unscrew direction. You can unscrew fittings that were just tightened with the TorqKey. This is very handy when making multiple attempts to get a cable adjustment just right. NOTE: Do not use TorqKey to remove stuck, damaged, rusted or over-tightened fittings.

  • Torque value accurate to + / - 8%
  • Torque accuracy lifecycle exceeds 5000 cycles
  • Provides 20 degree overrun when maximum torque is reached
  • Overrun provides user with unmistakable feedback when torque value is reached
  • Polymer T-Handle ergonomically designed for comfortable four-finger & palm grip
  • Color-coded tension markings on both sides
  • 12mm wide Zinc shaft has 50% thicker walls - stronger than other Torque tools
  • Magnetic 1/4" hex bit retention makes bit changes easy
  • Weight: Approx. 75 grams

Selection: Prestacycle Preset Torqkey Torque Tool

Product no. Torque Status Price
Torqkey 4Nm 4Nm
Torqkey 6Nm 6Nm
Torqkey 12Nm 12Nm

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