Cardiff Silicone Bar End Plugs Pair


Rp220,000.00 / pair(s)
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Practicality is not sexy, unless we’re talking about a Pentax Spotmatic.  There are lots of bar plugs out there, and we sell five of them.  That’s probably four too many, but people like choices, or think they do at least.  

Function wise, the best bar plug does three things.  One: the bar plug locks into your handlebar, won’t slip out.  Two: Keeps you from getting a core sample taken out if you fall on your bar’s end.  Three:  protects your top tube from getting dented IF your handlebar end lines up with the top tube. Many of our builds do just that, and the Cardiff silicone drop bar plug has the best top tube protection going.  These plugs are basically an updated Velox rubber bar plug.  

For drop bars or bars with drop bar inner dimensions, IE Nitto Albatross, Choco, Billie, Bosco, Losco bars.  Not for mountain bars!

  • Silicone rubber expanding bar end plugs, 20-22mm (OD 23.8mm)
  • Expands to hold securely, no more unravelling bar tape
  • Cushions knee when contacting bar
  • Protects frame in some crashes
  • More heat and weather resistant than rubber
  • Grips walls to help secure leaning bikes


Selection: Cardiff Silicone Bar End Plugs Pair

Product no. Color Status Price
Bar End Plugs Cardiff Black Black
Rp220,000.00 / pair(s)
Bar End Plugs Cardiff Tan Tan
Rp220,000.00 / pair(s)
Bar End Plugs Cardiff Red Red
Rp220,000.00 / pair(s)
Bar End Plugs Cardiff Green Green
Rp220,000.00 / pair(s)
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