Effetto Mariposa Carogna Tubular Gluing Tape


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  • Double-sided tubular tape for installing tubular tires with no mess of mastic glue
  • Tested and is designed to perform flawlessly on any rim material (aluminum, carbon), with any tubular (seamless, handmade, vulcanized sew-up) on and off-road
  • Adhesion is very strong and uniform across the whole circumference of the rim for all tubulars and it is also uniform across the tubular base tape
  • Each roll is usually adequate for gluing one tubular tires
  • Width: 16.5mm or 20mm (2m long)


Selection: Effetto Mariposa Carogna Tubular Gluing Tape

Product no. Size Status Price
Gluing Tape EM S 16.5 16.5mm
Gluing Tape EM SM 20 20mm
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