Velo Orange City Bike Brake Levers Pair

Rp380,000.00 / pair(s)

Many people have asked us where they can get old-fashioned city bike levers, the type that CLB and Mafac and a dozen other companies used to make. They particularly wanted them in a size that would fit bars made from road bar tubing, 23.8mm. Our super popular Montmarte and Left Bank bars, for example, are made with 23.8mm tubing,so they can fit bar end shifters.


This type of lever is still made, but mostly in low-quality models for kids' bikes and developing markets. Most are heavy steel and have rust-prone zinc-plated mounting bands. Many are also too small for big western hands.


We found what's probably the best model still made. They actually come from Taiwan, not China. They are all alloy with good quality castings with a nice shiny finish. The manufacturer made them for us with a stainless steel clamp, which we think is a big improvement. These levers work with caliper or cantilever brakes, but not V-brakes.


Best of all, they are available in both MTB (22.2mm) and road bar (23.8mm) sizes. So you won't have to scour E-bay or the back rooms of old bike shops looking for vintage levers. And these levers now include button-type cable housing ends.

  • Intended Use: City/Cruiser/Comfort/Vintage
  • Brake Lever Actuation: Short Pull (will not work with V-Brakes)
  • Clamp Size: 22.2 (MTB) or 23.8mm (Road)
  • Sold as Pair
  • Color: Silver


Selection: Velo Orange City Bike Brake Levers Pair

Product no. Clamp Dia. Status Price
Lever City 22.2mm 22.2mm
Rp380,000.00 / pair(s)
Lever City 23.8mm 23.8mm
Rp380,000.00 / pair(s)

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