Entity Tire Repair Kit RK15

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Rp60,000.00 / Kit(s)

Repair kits are a light weight and essential kit for any ride. Being glueless, there is no messy liquid to contend with and you'll be back on the road fast.
The repair kit comes with 4 glueless repair patches, quality set of reinforced nylon tyre levers that won't damage the bead or rim and can easily be kept in place with spoke holders. 
To use, simply sand area around the puncture on the tube, and then peel off the back of the repair patches - ensuring you don't come in contact with the adhesive. Apply to the area and let it cure for a few minutes. Reinstall the tube and inflate.
  • Kit contains: 2 Tire Lever, 6 Glueless Patches and Sandpaper

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