Ice Toolz P616 Bike Storage Stand for 2 Bikes

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This IceToolz show stand is suitable for 2 bicycles on top of each other. The sturdy steel stand also offers space for accessories such as helmets, shoes or… The show stand can be expanded with 2 extra holders (P61S) so that 4 bicycles can be shown. The holders are provided with a protective layer to provide extra protection for the bicycles. The IceToolz item number of this show stand is P616.Adjustable freestanding unit, holds up to 2 bikes
This show stand is a space saver in your store, but this stand can also bring a little more height to the display of the bicycles. Vary to your heart's content, giving the store a playful look. Naturally, the eye-catchers will be hung high with this show stand.
  • Holder for 2 Bikes included
  • Protective coating where bike meets rack
  • Extra metal tray for storing helmets, gloves and other accessories
  • Extra bike holder can be added for up to 4 bikes (sold seperate)

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