Continental Trail King Protection 29 x 2.2" - last one

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The Trail King is a large volume tire that makes even the nastiest root and boulder strewn section of trail feel easy. For the same reason, it's also a great bike-park tire.

The Trail King Protection use the Black Chili rubber compound on the tread, with carbon black rubber sidewalls. It uses Continental's APEX sidewall design. This means that there is a strip of additional material above the bead that helps stiffen the sidewall, increasing tire stability and control in hard turns and across off-camber terrain. This extra sidewall support also means that you can run slightly lower tire pressures without worrying about burping your tires or losing control. The 3-ply casing has a combined 180 tpi and is overlapped twice underneath the tread for added puncture protection.

The Black Chili compound tread rubber is a great, grippy material. The Continental alchemists have milled traditional carbon black rubber down to nano-particles and then built it back into treads. The nano-sized rubber flecks -- think of a soccer ball on the face of the earth -- are able to actually put more rubber down on the trail in the same small area. It means 30% increased adhesion, 26% lower rolling resistance, and 5% improved mileage. Where regular rubber grips, Black Chili will grip better, and from what we've seen it seems to shed dirt better too. Carbon black rubber isn't boring anymore.

The Continental Trail King has a foldable Kevlar bead.

Please note that the Trail King uses the same tread design and basic casing construction as the Rubber Queen. So if you're a fan of the Queen, these are the way to go.

  • Application: AM/FR/DH
  • Ground: All Conditions
  • Hand-made in Germany
  • Black Chili Compound
  • Size: 2.2"
  • Tubeleass ready
  • Folding Bead


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