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Kronos high performance Titanium Springs are produced by ICHU and are available in a multitude of sizes and specs. These performance springs start with superior quality titanium and are manufactured to the highest degree of quality. Kronos springs are lighter, stronger and more responsive than any other springs on the market today.

All Kronos Ti Springs have a Halcon Hard Coat, which is a proprietary clear coating process used on all of the performance Kronos springs. Halcon Hard Coat is a semi flexible, non-cracking tough as nails, coating. This coating resists dirt, water, salt, corrosion and harmful UV rays. This tough outer skin not only makes the job of cleaning easier, but also improves the life span of our springs. Unlike our competition, we hard coat all of our performance springs to continue to lead the industry.

Fatigue and stree corrosion failures originate at the surface of a spring. The B-Blast Shot Peening process increases stress compression on the surface of our springs. Massively reducing surface fatigue failure. B-Blast Shot Peening is beneficial in increasing resistance to fatigue failures, corrosion fatigue, and stress corrosion cracking.

What is the advantage of using a titan spring?

In racing, where performance is everything, reducing weight is always a goal. The properties of titanium allow the design of a lighter spring with added travel and more resistance to set. Titanium springs are often 30 to 50% lighter than steel springs. The result is around a 2 lb. weight savings. The lower weight improves suspension dynamics and response. This reduced mass and inertia increases the natural frequency of the spring (A little more Technical Jargin).

A titanium spring is more responsive then a steel spring and helps the suspension keep the tires on the ground for better traction and handling. The substantial weight savings also improves the suspension performance by reducing the mass and inertia generated by movement of the suspension system. A lighter suspension system will have improved response and performance. Kind of like shaking a bowling ball versus shaking a balloon. This is why you have heard how important it is to reduce un-sprung weight.

Titanium has a lower torsional modulus than steel. It is in "effect more springy". Because of this titanium springs are designed with slightly larger wire but fewer coils. The result is a spring with more available travel than a steel spring of the same free length and rate.

  • Fits: Diverse, Fox, Cane Creek, Marzocchi, BOS, Elka, Manitou, X-Fusion and Progressive
  • Inside Diameter: 1.43" (36.3mm ID)


Selection: Kronos Titanium Spring by ICHU

Product no. Stroke Spring Rate Status Price
Kronos 2.75" x 300 2.75" 300
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Kronos 3.0" x 250 3.0" 250
Kronos 3.0" x 300 3.0" 300

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